July 30, 2021

Naomi Loomis Osteoporosis Charities

Naomi Loomis lives an extremely active and accomplished life as mother to 2 and stepmother to 5), loving wife, Business Owner, world traveler, and adventure seeker.

At 39, it came as no surprise to Naomi Loomis when she broke her hip due to Osteoporosis, that her life would completely be changed. All the activities that she was once able and enthusiastic to do, now became impossible-at least for the many months after breaking her hip that recovery was necessary. She swore that once recovered, Naomi would dedicate part of her life to the education of and charitable donation to charities that centered around Osteoporosis.

The National Osteoporosis Foundation

Naomi Loomis National Osteoporosis Foundation LogoThe NOF or National Osteoporosis Foundation was established in 1984, and is to date the “nation’s only health organization solely dedicated to osteoporosis and bone health) (NOF). Their mission is to “educate, advocate, and learn through research” and in doing so “prevent the disease, promoting strong bones for life and reducing human suffering through their programs of public and clinician awareness”. Naomi Loomis never considered that her lifestyle or genetics could put her in direct danger of “porous bones” or Osteoporosis, which caused her broken hip. Had there been more awareness in the community-local and national-she could have averted the disease and its causal impediments.


The International Osteoporosis FoundationNaomi Loomis International osteoporosis foundation logo

As one would assume, The International Osteoporosis Foundation works much to the same end as The National Osteoporosis; but it is based in Switzerland and motivates to provide the service of worldwide education and prevention of osteoporosis and its devastating after effects but on a global scale. It is one of Naomi Loomis’ interest charities-mostly because it is one of two charities dedicated to this cause, but also because of its mission-and defines itself as “a global alliance of patient societies, research organizations, healthcare professionals and international companies working to promote bone, muscle, and joint health”.