July 30, 2021

Naomi Loomis and Osteoporosis

Naomi Loomis and her son EvanNaomi Loomis lives an extremely active life in Orlando. She prides herself on living a happy, healthy life e

njoying the best of activities, vacations, and sports with her family. Spending time and doing everything with her family, which includes her husband, Stan Loomis; her two children (Taylor, who is 16, and Evan, who is 15); and Stan’s five children (Kristi, who is 39; Traci, who is 33; Robbie, who is 24; Wesley, who is 17; and Logan, who is 17); takes up most of her time. It is Naomi’s love for being active, spending time with family, and overall interest in health that provided the foundation for which she is so passionate about Osteoporosis, and its effective prevention and treatment.

While caring for health and working in medicine  as a Female Hormone Replacement Expert provided the foundation for Osteoporosis; it was not until the age of 39, that its significance really rang true. Naomi Loomis broke her hip at the young age of 39, because she had developed Osteoporosis which means “porous bone” which means extremely weak bones, so weak that they break, and hers did. When that happened, all the things in her very active lifestyle that were once so effortless and taken for granted for; became extremely difficult and only through a long recovery and abstinence from her favorite things, and a better diet conducive to bone health; was she able to return to these activities.

Osteoporosis and the effects that happened to Naomi Loomis taught her how very important prevention is especially for young women. Today, she believes that the more education that is out there about bone health, Osteoporosis, and how to prevent bone breakage; the better; and seeks ways that she can help women such as herself avoid the traumatic incident that occurred to her through research and charity.